Affordable Shop Fitting Ideas for New Businesses

Small and Medium-sized enterprises have been growing consistently in Australia, new shopping centr, malls, kiosks and everything in between keep popping up every week. With a wide range of small businesses and shops in our country, it is not easy for your retail space to stand out.

To set up a retail space that shoppers will not forget in haste, your shop needs to have a perfect balance of functionality, beauty and most importantly, it needs to be welcoming.

We have compiled a shortlist of shop fitting ideas for you.

Sand and Polish

If there is one thing that all shops have in common, it would be a floor. More often than not business owners tend to overlook floors when upgrading retail spaces. A good way to instantly improve floors would be to have them sanded and polished by professionals.

By polishing your floors, you are instantly improving the life expectancy of your floors as they become more durable and more comfortable to maintain.


When it comes to shops, having more space is always an added advantage; this is especially true when your business serves a high number of young families with babies. When designing your space, you might want to consider including an area where nursing mothers can rest, breastfeed, or lay their babies in a baby capsule.

Baby capsules are essential for young parents, and a lot of us would not be able to leave home without a pram, so you might want to ensure that the aisles in your store are wide enough for parents with strollers to navigate easily.


You will be surprised by the effect a few low-cost paintings and ornaments strategically placed around your store has. Paintings communicate to customers that your store has class instantly giving your business a positive outlook in the minds of visitors.


This is undoubtedly an essential step to take when launching a new business or opening up your next branch. Can you certify that the building you are operating out of has gone through all the necessary inspections and certifications? A building that has not gone through the required certifications is a disaster waiting to occur.

For those in Newcastle, ensure your building has undergone inspections by a certified building inspector or certifier. It is better to be safe than sorry and often a legal requirement.

Natural Light

Sunshine is in abundance here, have you considered incorporating as much sunlight as possible into your retail space? By inviting more natural light in through windows, open ceilings, glass doors and the likes, you are automatically improving the look and feel of your shop.


This is undoubtedly the most rewarding way you can improve your shop, when you introduce plants into your retail space, your store automatically becomes greener and a more comfortable place to be. Plants are good for the environment, and they also have immense health benefits.


For decades, business owners have made use of mirrors to create the illusion of space. If you want your customers to feel more comfortable, while simultaneously making your area look more prominent, then mirrors are what you need. You do not have to overdo it, introduce them at strategic locations within your shop.

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